CBE professor Celeste Nelson and 工程 graduate student Victor Varner

工程 研究

工程 & 应用科学 研究

Princeton engineers create knowledge and technologies, educate tomorrow's leaders, and serve society through discovery, 在跨学科的环境和文科背景下进行设计和发明.

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工程 研究 Highlights

Panorama of Howard Stone's Lab

In the laboratory led by Howard Stone, a professor in the School of 工程 and 应用科学, the flow of creativity among the postdoctoral researchers, 研究生和本科生的研究成果具有造福社会的潜力.

How Everyday Things Inspire Breakthroughs in Fluid Dynamics

In Howard Stone's lab, 一杯咖啡, gelatin and ice act as model systems to study pattern formation in liquids. 

Engineers Without Borders-Princeton University chapter in Peru




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