Photo of staff and 教师 volunteers helping children at an art booth.

Work-Life Integration


Life is complicated. At Princeton, we recognize that and are sensitive and responsive to the challenges our employees face. The University offers a broad array of benefits and services that help our staff in a variety of ways.

Children wearing tiger sunglasses

For example, we offer an Employee Child Care Assistance Program to help eligible 教师 和工作人员 parents meet the costs of pre-kindergarten care. At the other end of the 年龄 spectrum, the University offers elder care assistance through the 教师 and 工作人员 Assistance Program.

Beyond these specialized benefits, our commitment to maintaining a healthy and productive work-life balance is integrated into day-to-day activities. The University regularly offers meditation and yoga classes. Workers form informal walking and jogging groups. Our staff take advant年龄 of the many lectures and panels that are publicly available throughout the year.

Child Care

Whether you’re a new parent in need of child care, a parent looking for summer camp for your child, or a parent in need of assistance with a mildly ill child, the University has 项目 to assist you with managing family commitments. 

U-NOW childcare center and playground

Employee 健康 服务

Nurse giving injection to a patient

University 健康 服务 offers a wide range of services to employees, including lab work, physical therapy, wellness 项目 and screenings, and immunizations for international travel.

教师 & 工作人员 Assistance Program

Through the Carebridge Corporation, the University offers confidential assistance 24/7 to 教师, staff and graduate students for work, personal or family issues such as stress and depression, financial difficulties, alcohol and drug abuse, coping with grief and relationship problems with spouses, partners and children. Counseling and referral services are free of charge.